APP Business

Accelerated Professional Program

APP® – inlingua Accelerated Professional Program

Take off in your job.

For business language needs, inlingua has a specialized product line. The inlingua APP® Program was developed, in collaboration with leading international companies, by our educational development department at the inlingua centre in Bern (Switzerland)

“Learning English” is no longer the centre of attention, but, as indeed in everyday professional life the optimal release of the various operational tasks. Language is not an end in itself, but rather the means to an end – the tool that support the tasks handled and that its objectives are achieved.
The program has a modular structure, allowing concentration on individual objectives within the field of business.

You had English in school, but that was many years ago and you’ve never really needed it? And now suddenly your job requires it?

Actually, you have forgotten everything and think you need a beginners course to brush up on a bit of grammar?

More than half of our participants are like you, the so-called “false beginners” People, that have the subjective feeling that they have forgotten everything, but actually after a few course days, hidden knowledge stored in the back of their brain is reactivated. Especially for this target group the APP1 has been created.

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