About inlingua

About inlingua

Who is ”inlingua” – The history.

inlingua optimizes its courses on offer continuously and adjusts them to meet the needs of their customers.

The traditional method of learning a language

Up until the 19th century languages were taught by placing an emphasis on grammatical analysis. Mastery of this technique required many years of excessive drill learning, and because each language had its own exceptions and irregularities did not seldom form insurmountable hurdles. The primary method of practice was translating, needless to say, a tedious process of coding and decoding words through standardized patterns of thought.

Not until the turn of the century did people realize that translating was an unnecessary step on the way to active mastery of a new language. For the first time an attempt was made to create a direct connection between the intellectual imagination of the learners and intuitively graspable phonetic expressiveness of the target language.

inlingua direct method

It was on the bases of this new finding that the first language schools arose. In 1968 the largest one of them was sold to an US company. The majority of the European owned institutes, who were not in agreement with the takeover and preferred to remain independent joined together to form a new organization and called it inlingua.

inlingua quickly developed the direct method further, always with the aim of practical language proficiency in the shortest possible time. Certain elements from “suggestopedia” and other teaching methods, as well as modern media support were also incorporated into the didactic concept of inlingua.

In the world-wide headquarters in Switzerland, a team of professional writers and educators are continuously working to developing new teaching materials, according to the latest discoveries, to keep the direct -method up to date. These educational materials are produced in the company’s own publishing company and will benefit only inlingua students.

With the inlingua direct method in over 350 inlingua schools worldwide faster to success!