Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Which course is most suitable for me?

Before you decide on a language  course at inlingua in Styria, we invite you for a free consultation without obligation. We analyse your needs and assess your knowledge. We then recommend the appropriate course for you.

Which inlingua level corresponds with my knowledge?

If you already have previous knowledge, we invite you to attend a placement interview. This is completely free and without obligation, allows us however to determine how much previous knowledge (of the “foreign language”) is there. This ensures that your training program is tailored to your needs. The presence of a similar level of competence in the group is to ensure that from the first minute on you feel comfortable with us. Fear of a foreign language does not arise, on the contrary –  learning is fun! English? Our advise: why don’t you take the inlingua online test on our homepage!

When does the next course begin in “my” language and for “my” level?

Once two people, with the same language skills, have registered for the one language we can start a course. We also take your desired dates into account as far as possible. According to our motto: as flexible and individual as possible.

How many hours do I need to achieve my learning objective?

The learning progress always depends on several course components: the type of course, the trainer, the group atmosphere, own motivation, own language learning experiences. inlingua helps you to learn  professionally, performance-oriented but still a relaxed atmosphere that is enjoyable. We generally recommend 60 – 90 teaching units. For a Brush-Up course, we recommend 30 teaching units.

How big are the groups?

Small groups of only 2-6 participants guarantee intensive and individual language training with rapid progress.

Where does the trainer come from and what training do they have?

Most inlingua trainers come from the country of the language you want to learn, which means they teach almost exclusively in their native language so you get to learn a real, modern and living language. All the trainers have completed a broad based inlingua internal training in teaching their native language.

Do you have a conversation class?

The basic principle of the inlingua method is based on active speaking skills. The language skill “writing” will be given as homework and discussed on the next day of the course with any questions answered by the trainer. This saves you time and money.

How does inlingua differ from other language schools?

Very, very much. The many years of experience as one of the largest language school organizations in Europe, the worldwide successful direct method, the professional educational material, the carefully selected and specially trained native speakers, personal and individual care of our students, small groups, free oral assessment of your skills carried out by our native speakers, and and and – above all you know that you  neither have the time nor the inclination to learn boring language theory and abstract grammar rules by heart, but pursue a single goal: namely, as quickly and efficiently as possible be in the situation to use “your” foreign language. Actively, without being shy and practice orientated – you want to speak a “foreign language”!

Why is inlingua so international?

inlingua is with an internationally operating network of some 300 language centres and more than half a million customers annually, one of the largest language school organizations in Europe. Based on this international experience we work in cooperation with leading companies on ongoing updating of our training.

What kind of course material is used by inlingua?

The inlingua course material is developed by our educational centre in Bern. With the combination of constantly updated teaching material and highly recognized teaching techniques, that supports the method,  success will be guaranteed.

Language training abroad

The equal international quality standard ensures that you can continue with an advanced course in one of inlingua’s 300 schools. Alone or in groups – whenever you have time for example in France, Spain, Italy, England, Portugal or the USA. inlingua Styria is your competent partner in Austria. We take care of the complete organization of your foreign language education.

Examinations and certificates

Each course includes defined learning objectives. Tuition controls and interim tests can be incorporated into the curriculum if desired. The 5 inlingua language levels correspond with the internationally accepted system of ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe), refined by a completely individual assessment of the pre-course language skills of each participant.

When must I enrol?

You can enrol anytime. Since we have a limited number of participants for each course, your course will be booked on a first- come first- served basis.

Terms of payment

You can pay for your language training by bank transfer or pay cash in our school.