Language trainers

Our language trainers

Whether the lessons are fun and ultimately beneficial depends on many variable factors:

  • Language trainersMotivation
  • Mood and harmony of the participants
  • Classroom
  • Teaching material
  • Lunch break
  • Weather
  • The trainer


Every inlingua trainer completes first of all an ‘internal method training‘ and after that counts on the support and guidance of an internally employed educational director. Furthermore, our language trainers are known for being understanding and sociable. They motivate and help you across any language barrier and thus facilitate learning in an atmosphere of trust.

In order to ensure a long-term world wide comparable standard, fulfilling international quality levels of appropriate training nouveau, inlingua operates a comprehensive Teacher Training Network (ITTN). This internal training system ensures that all trainers are trained within the framework of the inlingua-method regularly and are made familiar with the latest developments of the educational centre in Bern.

Through intensive customer feedback, the trainer is continuously able to adjust contents and course plans according to the respective requirements.