Our method

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of professionals who cooperate around the globe.

MethodologyYour advantage:

Wherever you begin a language-training at inlingua you can continue it where your new language is the national language, original and intensive, no better way to learn a language.

The traditional way of learning a foreign language usually begins with grammar analysis and a lot of theory. Then, the participants must memorize vocabulary and translate texts – nevertheless they are still unable to speak the language.

The inlingua direct method starts with the spoken word. The decisive feature is the immediate use of the target language from the first moment of training.

For example role-plays, debates, short listening texts and film scenes provide attractive material for conveying skills. Although skills in reading and writing are also part of language teaching, the focus of the programs is usually however on oral communication.

To achieve optimal results inlingua always has a set of rules to follow. Some of them are:

  • small groups or individual training
  • standardized knowledge within a group
  • international groups
  • coordinated teaching material
  • organisation and support

The inlingua direct method – with fun to success.