Trial training

The trial training

Foreign Language ”trial training” at inlingua.

”Yes I understand a lot, but I am frightened to speak.” 

Many people feel the same as you. You haven’t used your foreign language skills for a long time! Then inlingua is the right place for you.

  • Maximum of 6 participants in a pleasant relaxed atmosphere, all at the same initial level.
  • Active use of the language instead of dry theory and grammar drills.
  • From the first minute in the target language, without fear and false perfectionism but with a lot of fun and a feeling of success.
  • Within group agreed deadlines, within a limited time frame, short and concise and especially incredibly effective.


See for yourself:  At the beginning of each season (beginning of the year and in autumn) you have the opportunity to participate in a ”trial lesson” of one of over 20 foreign inlingua languages.  At all locations, we arrange free of charge and without obligation ”trial lessons” so that you can form your own picture of the efficiency of the inlingua direct method.

Simply contact your desired location so that we can give you the next available dates and suggest a ”trial language” for you. But we kindly ask you to “try” a language in which you have no prior knowledge, no matter what language you want to learn. Only in this way we can arrange a truly homogeneous ”trial group”.

And you will be amazed how soon it is possible to hold your first dialogue, with this method in a complete foreign language, already in the first teaching lesson.