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inlingua® courses abroad

Your inlingua® intensive language course in the country of the language

Courses abroadYou can twist it and turn it as much as you want: In the end, there is no other more effective way of learning a language than a complete detachment from the mother tongue and immerse in the foreign language. The best way you achieve this is a language course abroad, where the learning is not only confined to the active teaching time in your class, but where you are confronted with the foreign language around the clock.

Advantage of inlingua network

With its international network of over 350 schools worldwide, inlingua® offers a unique opportunity to attend language courses directly in the countries where your target language is at home. The inlingua® programs throughout the world are identical and all inlingua® schools are committed to the same high quality standards that have made us one of the leading international language education institutions. You continue your training right there where you left off at home. With the same method, with appropriate teaching materials, with highly qualified trainers and also exactly on that level of competence where you are from your previous language training.

Leisure program

In addition to language classes, you integrate yourself into the day’s events of the host country and can for example follow up sports, leisure and cultural programs “live”. By integrating into the new environment, even outside of class time, you  enrich automatically your vocabulary, improve pronunciation and immerse yourself automatically in the subtleties of the spoken language. You get to know the country and its people and develop an understanding of foreign cultures and manners – perhaps especially those who were also your partners and were until now strangers to you.

And – last but not least – take with you great memories and positive impressions in the context of learning a language as motivation for further improvement.

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