English Brush-Up

inlingua® English Brush-Up

New at inlingua – reach your goal 3x faster.

  • English Brush-upYou do understand certain things, but you do not dare to speak?
  • You have learned grammar rules for many school years, yet can’t get a word out?
  • You are frightened of making a fool of yourself?

Many people are in the same situation as you are and inlingua® has developed, just for you, the English Brush-Up Program. inlingua® English Brush-Up is a completely new course concept: First quickly refresh what you already know, and then once learned consolidated, with up to date contents and modern vocabulary, and in between always exercise phases to give you a greater feeling of security.

Talking more confidently with less time needed.

Objective: to work efficiently and individually on your “Personal English” and so increase your activity level to approximately three times the speed compared to traditional courses.

Method: With the inlingua® direct method you grow without fear and without grammar drills, but with a lot of fun and a feeling of success into ,,your language”.

Material: The new inlingua® English Brush-up book with CD.

With English Brush-Up quick to success!

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