Individual/Duo training

Individual training and DUO

The individual training – or for two people as a DUO – is probably the most intensive and efficient form of learning a language.

Target/SuccessIt is tailored to your individual needs. It is, for those who for professional or personal reasons strive, the fastest possible entry into the foreign language. And also for those, who for a longer period of time, did not have the opportunity to participate regularly in a group class.

Individual training for any number of hours (from 6 units) is possible. In the most intensive form (CIP – Crash Intensity Program) up to 12 units daily, as desired alternating with 2 trainers. In a personal meeting we will be happy to advise you in areas such as the structure, length and intensity of the training –  all details will be agreed upon in a preliminary meeting between you and your trainer.

An inlingua one-one training is available in over 20 different languages as a general, colloquial Program (GPP), and specifically for professional use in English, French, Spanish, German as well as APP® inlingua Business Program.

You choose the course location, either in one of inlingua Language Centres in Styria, or at your home.

Savings tip: If you bring a partner for your course, you pay per person as a DUO almost less than half.

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