Small group courses – DBS

Small-group courses – DBS

Brush up your language skills in over 20 languages!

Small-group coursesIn small group classes, your individual needs are taken into account and the dynamics of the group promoted. The language training is easy and leads target-oriented to success because your group of the same previous knowledge has the same level and you yourselves can choose your learning goal. A course group is made up of max. 6 participants usually less as no compromises are made when putting together the group.

Personal assessment: Any interested person with basic knowledge is invited to attend a free assessment interview. A precise oral assessment is important because the ability to express oneself in the target language is influenced by the educational background and on the type of the interested parties also influenced are passive understanding of the language and writing skills.

Active use of language: the active use of language is in most cases the largest deficit, but also the primary  objective of the participant. At inlingua therefore not theoretical grammar and vocabulary, but in particular  active use of the target language is encouraged. The aim is to actively communicate as quickly as possible in the target language. From this aspect the groups are assembled. The starting level (the “competency level”) is optimally matched in the group, inhibitions never arise, and each participant has ample opportunity to ”Talk Foreign”. And the practical-orientated work in small, homogeneous group makes it even more fun.

Dynamic Booking System

The flexible Dynamic Booking System (DBS) makes it possible to start a group as small as two participants. In this way it is not necessary to make prior knowledge assessment for group composition and appointment requests can also be considered.

DBS – a simple principle: less students = less instruction units, more participants = prolonged course.

After all, it’s not your goal, to spend much time with us, but to reach your goal in your foreign language as soon as possible. And the smaller the group, the more individual the course – and above all, the more talk time for you. You reach the same goals as in a larger group, but much faster.

inlingua courses for small groups are available in over 20 different languages as a general, colloquial Program (GPP) and specially designed for professional use in English, French, Spanish, German as well as APP® inlingua Business Program.

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